Trivia Games for employees

Created a Trivia Game for employees to know more about their company along with having fun.




– Multiple Rounds of a Game
– 50% of participants proceed to the next round with one winner at the end
– The sooner the person answer, the higher the points he gets.
– Should be online
– Notify all participants about their status at the end of the round.
– Announce winner at the end of the Trivia



The task was to create a trivia game for employees so they learn more about the company, products, company's history vision, etc along with having fun. The game was to be played by 5000+ employees of a major electrical equipments manufacturing multi-national company. Each round had 10 multiple choice questions to be answered. The sooner the person answers, the more point he/she gets. At the end of each round top 50% of the participants were to be promoted the next round. At the end of each round, participants who won and lost were informed about their status. At the end a winner was announced. During the entire game, every one could see the status of other participants (their score, their position, etc)

  • Client

    Major Electrical Equipment Maker - Fortune 500 Company

  • Duration

    6 weeks

  • Technologies

    AWS Services, Angular.JS, Laravel