Online Video Maker
to create engaging and classy marketing videos

A B2C SaaS – online video making platform for ads, product explainer videos, images and more.


3 Months


6 Members




Video Editing


Marketing Tech

Building an online video maker
for local businesses that allows them to create highly engaging videos in seconds.


Project Idea

Our clients wanted to build a local businesses targeted B2C SaaS online video maker that allows customers to pick up the highly engaging video templates, add their branding, change the messaging and create videos in few easy clicks.

Target Users

Non tech savvy users of small and medium local businesses who would want to promote their businesses but lacks knowhow.

Project challenges

  • Legacy system that was not scalable
  • Ongoing video template library base
  • Easy to use in few simple steps
  • Should work on all desktop browsers
  • Square and vertical videos should be ready in minutes
  • Fully Customizable templates


Our team built a highly scalable cloud based web application that allows these businesses to build videos that converts in few easy clicks.

Agile Planning Phase

Initial Inputs

Clients shared with us :

  • Legacy system that was slow and not scalable
  • Video templates library and custom options per template
  • End user goal and possible platform integrations with 3rd party systems


As a part of this phase

  • Evaluated the existing market products
  • Defined technology stack that will us to scale with growing market needs.


  • Rebuilt UX/UI completely.
  • Blazing fast video creation
  • Much more customization and flexibility options per video

Key Product Features

After all the requirements were set and analyzed, we got into sprint based development.

Video Templates

Users were given option to pick video templates based on their industry background, marketing video requirements, platform etc.

RaftLabs - Mockup Editor
Image Editor - GIF

Online video editor

User can choose and customize various attributes from each of these videos like

  • Text customization – color, font, style etc.
  • Backgrounds
  • Sound track
  • Output video dimensions

Image Editor

Custom image editor area from which users can pick up the stock images and edit the images that can go along with their video ads or overall marketing campaign.

Technology Stack

nestjs as backend nodejs framework
Firebase for authentication of viral marketing software
Hasura - GraphQL PostgreSQL

Clients Say



Charles E.

Product – End user

“It was incredibly simple and easy to use. While other products like charges massive fees, this is worth every penny. “

Jamie O.


“Team did a great job. They used the pieces from the previous system saving us time and money. The new user experience and speed was incredible. Much appreciated”


Image Editor - GIF
  • End customers create about 8000 video outputs per month.
  • Base video template library of more than 400 videos and new videos added every month.
  • Users could drive up their CTRs by 23% after using the platform.
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