Product development team.

Be it a SaaS or custom software development, we make it happen in weeks and not months. Enabling you to focus on business, faster.

We abstract technology for you to focus on building your business.

Starting Out

Product Brainstorming Session

We begin every new project idea with a product brainstorming session. It’s a one-week-long exercise that helps in answering what you’re building, for whom, what features to include. It’s like gazing into the crystal ball to see what is going to happen next.


Web and App Development

We love building both desktop and mobile apps. We build simple and easy to use desktop web apps if your business requires data forms, admin control and more. Otherwise, if your focus is on the go users with power of camera, location, media and more, we build iOS and Android native apps that does the heavy lifting.


App Design

Design is not about creating beautiful looking product. It’s about how your product get things done for your end customers without coming in way. Our team creates meaningful designs. Designs that delight end consumers.


Launch, Scale and Support

We can provide a hand for a project that is live and have issues with scale. We have built some massively used media and commerce apps on the planet. So we know what it will take to launch for scale and support it. Our DevOps team will be delighted to have you onboard.

Our recent projects.

Image and Video Mockup Platform

OTT Video Platform for movie studio

Engagement & Learning App for remote workforce

What our clients say about us.

Absolutely delightful team to work with.
Team has been absolute delight to work with.Understanding enterprise needs especially with data security and ease of use for our non tech users was crucial for success. The ongoing communication and their product detailing has been game changer. Made our life much easier. More than happy with the outcome that team produced.
John M.

Head of HR, LIfesciences Company

Highly Recommended
I had burnt my fingers working with individual freelancers. I was little hesitant reaching out initially. Product brainstorming session and proof of concept phase gave me whole lot of insights on what all things are possible. Wish I had done this in my previous association. This team is totally recommended.
Sarah A

Entreprenuer, VC Management, EU Region

Dedicated and disciplined team
Most of our projects are generally super tight on timelines. Team has consistently delivered projects on team. Even in case of delays, team has never disappointed. Much appreciate this dedicated mindset and approach to work.
Charles E

AG Tech, Germany

Our Services

We kickstart every project from Product Brainstorming and Roadmap Session. It’s an about 4-6 hours of session with our team brainstorming about product audience, market, competitors, feature needs, priorities etc.. As an outcome of this session, you’ll know what you’re building, who you’re building it for, why you’re including/excluding certain features, and how you’ll get from zero to one.

Our clients love it. It helps them and us to have a complete navigational map about the product.

What do you get ?
  • A 4-6 hour session with our team (brainstorming and ideation)
  • Product Feature Document
  • Technical Blueprint with stack outline
  • Low Fidelity Design Prototype (See link )
  • Project cost and time estimates

How long does it last ?

About one week from start to finish.

How much does it cost ?

Let’s talk.

Over a few months, we’ll craft wireframes, run user testing, create a prototype, develop an alpha product, and execute a beta launch. We’ll meet with you at least once a week, and you can access us on Slack the entire project. You’ll also tap into all our startup knowledge—including what we’ve learned working with startups who’ve been acquired or raised millions in funding.

Be it web or mobile app, our approach to app development is simple. We’ll first build out the whole wireframe (visual workflow), create a prototype and build entire product in bi-weekly sprints. Our team will communicate with you in real time via Slack and have once / twice sync up calls. You’ll always have us available for any queries / questions that you may have about project.

What do you get ?

Fully working market ready product (web or mobile app)

How long does it take ?

Generally simple mobile/web apps with about 3-6 screens take about 4 weeks. However complex apps take longer time.

How much does it cost ?

Depends on the project complexity. Let’s talk.

For most of the products, we go beyond launch and keep working for years. We work with your tech team as an extension and take care of the ongoing support, product enhancements, updates, manage infrastructure and ensure system is always available. At times, we have helped some founders to even interview their own tech teams. 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes RaftLabs different ?

There is a difference between “Dev Shop” and a “Product Development” team.


We are product builders ourselves. Check out our labs section to learn more about our products.


As a part of our product building process, we have understood difference between building something v/s building something your customers want. That insight helps us solve problem efficiently.

We don’t re-invent wheel. We believe in weeks and not months.

What technologies do you use ?

We use various latest technology stack. It depends on product requirements and its phase mainly Concept, Launch, Growth and Support.

We use React.JS, Node.JS, Laravel for web apps.

For iOS and Android mobile apps development, we prefer Swift and Kotlin respectively.

What is your business model ? How do you engage ?

Per Project Basis (Fixed Cost Model)

Generally, we engage on project basis. We get on product brainstorming session. We define a project outline out of that. We share a ballpark time and cost estimates. We allocate a dedicated product team who works with you for the outlined scope. We charge as per the estimated project cost.


Resource Basis (T&M Model)

If you have a project in place and are looking to augment your current development team, we can provide dedicated pool of developers, who will work with your team directly as per your project requirements. We charge on resource’s time engagement basis.

How do you allocate people on projects?

We assign a small team to each project based on hours and skillsets. We make sure team members work on a limited number of projects, so you get our best focus and productivity. Each product team unit comprises of designer, developers, business analyst, project manager, software tester and DevOps engineer.

How quickly can you engage on project ?

In most cases, we start with Product Brainstorming & Roadmap session. That session generally helps us and our clients bring out lot of clarity.

Post that session, we generally kick-start in week’s time. We put that time assembling right team based on the skill sets and approach required.

Where is your team based ?

We have a remote team. Part of us is based in US, Ireland and India. Our core technical team is based out of India.


Got a project?
Let’s talk.

Building a technology driven service or a product is extremely hard. It’s painful, exhausting and drains you with the kind of decision making required. As technology builders, we help you navigate. All within the budget and time constraints.

Technology team that evolves with you.